waking up this morning after a very productive bank holiday, I still had to remind myself that I’m in stealth mode!

I’m on it! And that means: think assertive, think business woman, think attractive fit woman, think I can control myself woman, think I don’t give a shit what people think woman!

Are people born like this or is it a coming of age thing? 

I also want that Q5, I’ve spent far too long thinking I don’t deserve it: WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! I work hard, why not!

Being a Christian (if you weren’t aware, this means follower of Christ) plays Havock with your brain and makes you wonder wether you should be giving all your money away to charity. I know I should, but I know far holier people than I that drive around in flash cars DT.

Anger point of the day: why do people feel they have the right to dismiss me or have a go if I say I will pray for them? Do I say that when people offer to think of me at a difficult time?