what bugs you? I know what bugs me; its when I set pug to do something and then never quite get there.

I set a goal, but never quite get on the right train or road to its destination. It’s so bloody annoying, I want to be goal driven, aren’t all successful people goal driven? Is it just me that sets a goal and then literally forget that I’ve set it?

I’ve realised that current me is simply useless after this stuff, so it’s me that needs to change;

I’m getting rid of 

1. Slightly overweight me

2. Dizzy forgetful me

3. I can’t remember where it is, or where I put it me.

4. Soft shite me, who smiles at all the mums on the school run, knowing full well some of them really don’t like me.

5. I’ve lost my confidence and mojo me, daring not to voice my opinion for fear of looking dumb in front of group of seemingly higher educated middle class ponces who always seem to know the right thing to say.

6. I only run a tiny online jewellery and gift website me, but I do have a degree and used to hold down a proper job me.

7. Guilty me, who still feels that I wasn’t good enough at me old job and has a stash of hideous memories where I’ve put my foot in it or offended someone by saying the wrong thing.

8. Jealous me, who feels sad about other peoples friendships and jealous when I’m not involved. I guess I just want everyone to love me, but that thought needs to DO ONE too!!!

No! The new me is none of these things and is de cluttering this shite from my life.

The new me enjoys life, remembers that I’m not waiting for improvements. The new me is going out to get them now, is positive and is dealing with the anger, resentment, guilt, jealousy and fear in a new way: it’s all on its way out!

Lisa Lynch, you have a lot to answer for being my inspiration. An unusual motivator if this new path, but perhaps not; you have inspired me to be what I want to be NOW and not sometime in the future that may never come. Thznkyou.